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In late years, the times when the earth was made so as to be suitable for human activity are gradually changing into one when the human activity was made so as to be soft for the earth. Tobishima Corporation as a construction company providing the fundamental infrastructure for human activity is considerably changing. Our technology which had been researched and developed for the purpose of construction fields is often sought to be used for other field and industry. And the results of the applied technology were satisfied in the various fields. Judging from the situation, the home page "TOBI-TECH" of Tobishima research institute of technology (Tobishima RIT) is provided for the needs from many directions.
Tobishima RIT set up organization for many requests for our technology which had been developed for construction. And trust study, jointed study, technological consulting and so on requested from various fields will be accepted. The timely utilization of completed technology is important in the time that the needs are changed and disappeared quickly.
We are looking forward to having your contact.