Message from the President

Message from the President

To our stakeholders

Masahiro Norikyo

Tobishima Corporation has contributed to the economic development of Japan by engaging in the social infrastructure maintenance business, since contracting the Fukui Castle demolition in the 16th year of Meiji (1883).

However, today, the social needs for companies are not only contributions to economic development, but also the solution of social issues that arise from economic development.

The "Medium-term Five-Year Plan," launched this fiscal year, expands the framework of the construction industry, reads the diverse needs and unresolved issues that are potential in society, and having the ability to solve them (smart solution service) by developing large number of businesses, we aim to create a platform called "New Business Contractor" for creating a new society with diverse people.

As the evaluation standard for corporate value changes, we will implement measures to improve “reform of working style”, “reinforcement of corporate governance” and “environmental emphasis”, and we aim to achieve to be a “credited company”, a company that is always selected from our stakeholders.

We look forward to the continued understanding and support of all our stakeholders.

June 2019
Masahiro Norikyo
President and Representative Director

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