Privacy Policy

Public Disclosure Items based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information


Personal Information Usage Goals

The Company will utilize the personal information of customers, trading partners, etc. 1) for the purpose of providing customers with business information, 2) to execute work related to the business goals designated in the Company’s articles of incorporation written below, and 3) to conduct after-case and results management for the relevant work provided to customers.

Articles of Incorporation for the Company (Business Areas)

  • Civil engineering, construction, and contract work
  • Investigations, surveys, plans, proposals, designs, and supervision related to the previous section
  • Investigations, surveys, plans, proposals, designs, supervision and operation of regional development, urban development, oceanic development, environmental maintenance, etc.
  • Residential business, real estate transactions and real estate leasing
  • Plans, proposals, designs, possession, maintenance management, operation and administration of roads, harbors, water/sewage works, government buildings, educational/cultural facilities, waste disposal facilities, medical and other public facilities, sports facilities, lodgings, eating establishments, etc.
  • Business related to the restoration of environmental pollution such as soil purification, river/lake substratum purification, lake/sea water purification, as well as the collection, transport, processing, and recycling of general and industrial waste
  • Electric, thermal, or other energy supply
  • Production, procurement, sales and leasing of construction machinery apparatuses, temporary construction equipment and civil engineering and construction-related materials
  • Commissioning of management supervision of buildings and equipment incidental to buildings as well as the commissioning of security
  • The acquisition of industrial properties, copyrights, knowledge, etc., licenses and sales
  • Computer-based information processing and the development of hardware and software
  • Property insurance agencies, insurance agencies based on the Automobile Liability Security Act, and life insurance underwriting
  • Consulting work related to the previous sections
  • All incidental work related to the previous sections

In the event that personal information is acquired for usage reasons outside of the usage reasons written above, the usage reason will be specified beforehand to the customer, trading partner, etc.


Disclosures, Claims, Consultations, Etc. of Personal Data Possessed

Individuals wishing to request the Company disclose the personal information it possesses, has a complaint, wishes to conduct a consultation, or has another issue should contact the Inquiries Desk described below. We will be happy to assist you, including with how to carry out the procedures for your request.

Furthermore, the acquired personal information associated with the disclosure or other request shall be handled within the necessary scope for the disclosure or other request. After completing the response to the disclosure or other request, submitted documents, etc. shall be held in an appropriate manner in accordance with intra-company rules, and then scrapped after two years of custody.

Inquiries Desk for Personal Information

Division Name: Administration Headquarters General Affairs Division
W BLDG. 5F, 1-8-15, KONAN, MINATO-KU, TOKYO, 108-0075, JAPAN
TEL: 03-6455-8300
FAX: 03-6455-8301

Furthermore, when explaining procedural methods we ask in some cases that designated forms related to disclosures, etc., be filled out and documents, etc. that confirm the individual’s or proxy’s identity be submitted. Additionally, for each individual disclosure request, an 800 yen amount equivalent to the actual cost of mailing the documents (postage) is required.
Please contact the Inquiries Desk for detailed information.